River flow...

Guruji was sitting by the riverside and I asked him "what are you doing, Guruji?"

Guruji replied, "I am waiting for the river to finish flowing so I can get across the river".

To this I replied "what are you saying Guruji... if you wait for the river to finish flowing, you will just keep waiting & will never end up crossing the river Guruji".

Guruji said, "this is exactly what I have been trying to make y'all understand those who always keep telling me that they will start their *seva* _(selfless service)_, *smaran*, _(meditation/remembrance)_, *satsang* _(sacred gathering)_ once their life's responsibilities are completed.

Just as the river's flow will never stop and we have to cross the river amidst its flowing waters, likewise our life itself may end but our life's responsibilities will never end...AND amidst our busy work and responsible lives, we have to find our path _(or time for)_ of *seva, smaran & satsang*.

 *Jai Guru Dev!!*