Spiritual Science

How can I believe in the divine energies (Devatas) of the creation when I have a scientific temperament and approach?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Only with a scientific approach can you see that there are different wave lengths and vibrations on this planet.

Who are you? You are only a frequency analyzer. Your brain is a frequency analyzer. It is able to capture only certain frequencies, isn’t it? Your perception is limited to a definite bandwidth. It cannot go beyond that.

Suppose you get the ability to perceive beyond your perceptual ability, you can see many things which you don’t see otherwise.

See, what is darkness for you is not darkness for a cat or an owl. An owl’s bandwidth is bigger than yours. An owl can see more than you. Devatas are not some people wearing crowns and sitting up there in heaven, they are a manifestation of consciousness -- just like the seven colours present in sunlight. In sunrays there is only one colour, but when you disperse the sunrays, you get seven different colours. Similarly, your consciousness has many abilities, many forms and many intricacies. These intricate mechanisms of consciousness are called different Devatas.

It is mind boggling when you go deep into spiritual science. You have to have a scientific temperament, only then you can go into it. Just belief system will not work.

There was a scientist who came here from Colorado. He had a titanium radar with which he could measure the energy level. So during Navratri, he measured the energy levels at the time of when different chantings and different invocations were happening. He showed us with colourful pictures that when different chantings were being done, energy was dawning in the space. Very distinctive patterns were seen from one chanting to another. It was really fascinating. Kirlian photographers took some pictures. So when different Devata’s were invoked, the whole colour in the hall changed. So in a scientific way, you can really explore and understand much more than by just believing.